Carrier™ 30 - USB C

Carrier 30™ Cart pre-wired with USB C 45 watt chargers

Brands: LocknCharge
Charge, store, secure and transport up to 30 devices. The Carrier 30 Cart is designed to make life easier for small to medium sized Chromebook, Tablet and iPad deployments. Ships with 30 prewired USB C 45 watt adapters.

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LNC8-10370_1 *Qty 1+PO USB C prewired
CAD $4,949.93
PLG Power lift gate service. For locations without docks.
CAD $99.00
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Charge, store, secure and transport up to 30 devices. The Carrier 30 Cart is designed to make life easier for Chromebook, Tablet, Laptop and iPad Deployments.

  • Baskets by LocknCharge make device deployments faster, safer and more efficient. They are designed to accommodate Chromebook, Tablets, or iPad devices up to 13”.1
  • Prewired with 45watt USB C chargers.  Save time with prewired USB C chargers, charges are valued @ $40 each (valued at CAN$1,200 per cart) - plus it's ready to go out of the box which saves tech time! 
  • Style meets functionality. For better workflow, the Carrier 30 features a top sliding lid so devices can be accessed faster, easier and by more users at once.
  • Lifetime warranty. No matter the environment, LocknCharge Carts are built to last.2
  • Efficient charging. With ECO Safe Charge, the Carrier 30 Cart charges devices safely and efficiently by staging the availability of power to each bank of devices. Additionally, a remote control is included so that the Cart can be turned on from almost anywhere.
  • Compatible. Baskets by LocknCharge are designed to accommodate almost any device, including larger Chromebooks as well as most Tablets with cases. 
  • Are your devices too big for the Baskets? The Carrier 30 Cart features a three level adjusting storage shelf. This allows users to insert the optional device wire storage racks into Cart’s storage area (which replaces the Baskets by LocknCharge). The storage racks are designed to accommodate larger devices like laptops.
  • Easy cable management. LocknCharge cable management has been simplified so that you can wire an entire Cart in minutes. Save time with set up and gain time using your Cart.
  • Highly Secure. Our heavy-duty construction and a two-point locking system protects your valuable device investment when they’re not in use. Additionally, an optional anchor kit can be used so that the Cart can be secured in one location.
  • Modular syncing (optional). Don’t buy a new Cart, purchase the hand held iQ 16 Sync Charge Box™ which allows you to carry the unit to where syncing is required (sold separately). Contact us for more details.
  • Secure soft closing, sliding lid. Doubling as an additional work space, the soft closing lid can hold up to 40 lbs of additional resources when extended.
  • External charging display. Easily know the charging status of your devices without opening the cart with the external charging display.
  • External power outlet. With an external power outlet, you can easily charge devices like a projector or other peripherals

External Product Dimensions:

Height: 36.7 inches
Width: 26.3 inches
Length: 29 inches
Weight: 136.4 lbs 

Please note:
Maximum load of 40 lbs per soft closing, sliding hood when extended.
Images and specification are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ and is subject to change without notice. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Chromebook is a trademark of Google Inc. Charging requires a power point. 1 May not fit all devices. Please check the dimensions of the device and the Carry Basket. Some Power Adaptors may not be compatible. Contact us for details and compatibility. 2 Click here for full warranty details.

Carrier 30 MK5 Cart - Quick Overview

The prewired cart is the same cart as the below Carrier 30 however it ships with 30 preinstalled 45W USB C power adapters.

LocknCharge Baskets - Save 70 hours each year per Cart

Carrier 30 ECO Safe Charge Instructions Video

Carrier 30 Optional Wire Rack
Your Carrier Cart will ship with six "5 Slot Baskets" however we sell large device racks for devices that will not fit in the baskets. 


Coachella Valley Unified School District Case Study

Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD), based in Thermal, CA, has a student population of 19,500 spread out over 22 schools. The district’s schools are spread out over an area the size of the State of Rhode Island. They are one of the poorest school districts in the United States, with 90% qualifying for free or reduced cost lunches. Hear their story to learn why out of all the carts in the markt

Carrier 20/30/40 General Overview PDF

Carrier 20/30/40 Instruction Manual PDF

Carrier Large 5-Slot Plastic Basket Measuring Template (6 baskets are included with your Carrier 30)

ECO Safe Power Management System - Flyer PDF

Optional Carrier 30 item:
Carrier 30 Wire Rack PDF (for devices too large for the baskets)
You can purchase a Carrier 30 with baskets OR racks. By default, all Carrier Carts ship with baskets, contact us to order a rack cart.


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The Carrier 30 Cart prewired includes 30 USB C 45W power adapters that can charge up to 30 USB C devices from a standard wall outlet. The Carrier 30 Cart prewired also includes an ECO Safe Charge allowing users to charge devices safely and efficiently by staging the availability of power to each bank of devices if required. Additionally, a remote control is included so that the Cart can be turned on from almost anywhere (RF signal). Check out our video tab to learn more about the ECO Safe Charger.
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